Information about Reading Logs


Research has shown that the best way to improve reading skills is simply to READ more! As part of a county wide initiative to develop life long readers, students are to read for 20 minutes every night! To ensure that the reading is completed, students will fill out a reading log and turn it in on Friday. For 20 minutes each night, students are to read a book or magazine of their choice.

Please make sure your child reads a total of at least 100 minutes a week. You can divide this into five 20-minute sessions, three 30-minute sessions with a 10-minute session, or whatever works best for your family. After each reading session, have your child complete one of the five response spaces on the form. These will be collected every Friday, unless otherwise announced.

Each response will correspond to one of the BIG 6 Reading Strategies that we are learning in class. They are: predict, connect, evaluate, clarify, visualize and question. Each one of these strategies will be used in response to the reading material and may be used only once each week. Responses must be at least two complete sentences and no more than five. If your child chooses to read all 100 minutes at one time, then they are still responsible for five of the BIG 6. Think of it as being one BIG 6 for each 20 minute reading segment.

It is essential that you read and sign the weekly reading log so that I may give the maximum number of points for the assignment, but it also helps you in being aware of your child’s reading material. There should be one signature for each reading session, therefore if 100 minutes are read at once, then there only needs to be one signature and five if you do 20 minute sessions.

Students will practice completing a reading log in class to ensure that they are completed correctly at home. Copies will be available in school as well as on Edline and students may take as many copies as they would like to make certain that they are never without.