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Use the links below to log into your Class Reading Blog
Reading Blog Log In for Period 7
Reading Blog Log In for Period 6
Reading Blog Log In for Period 5

The “Reading Blog” is being offered as an alternative to the paper Reading Log that is required for class. Your child has the opportunity to use the blogging site to complete their weekly reading log.

Research has shown that the best way to improve reading skills is simply to READ more! As part of a county wide initiative to develop lifelong readers, students are to read for 20 minutes every night! To ensure that the reading is completed, students will complete a Reading Blog Posting that is due to be posted no later than Friday at 8:00 am.

Students will be required to hand in a Reading Blog Slip that includes a parent signature verifying that their child has completed the required 100 minutes of reading for that week and has completed a Reading Blog Posting on their own.
Please make sure your child reads a total of at least 100 minutes a week. You can divide this into five 20-minute sessions, three 30-minute sessions with a 10-minute session, or whatever works best for your family.

The Reading Blog Posting will correspond with the BIG 6 Reading Strategies that we are learning in class. They are: predict, connect, evaluate, clarify, visualize and question. In the response postings, students are required to include the title of the book and Monday’s date as the subject for the posting that week. The actual response must address three of the Big 6 in a summary paragraph. The final part of the online posting is that students must respond to one other
Reading Blog posting with a comment that extends or connects to the post they are responding to.

It is essential that you read and sign the weekly Blog Slip so that I may give the maximum number of points for the assignment, but it also helps you in being aware of your child’s reading material.

A sample Reading Blog Posting will be shared in class to ensure that they are completed correctly at home and there will also be a copy posted at the site that students will be using for the blogging. Copies will be available in school as well as on Edline and students may take as many copies as they would like to make certain that they are never without.